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About Us

About Us

Fulyağ Petrol A.Ş. Was founded by Saffet Yaylamış in 2006 and has reached a leading position in the Aegean Region with its industrial lubricant sales and after-sales technical support service with its trained expert staff. Our company Fulyağ Petrol A.Ş. In 2006, he undertook the Aegean Regional Distributorship of Opet Fuchs Madeni Yağ A.Ş., and successfully continued its Izmir-based activities in Manisa, Aydın, Denizli, Uşak and Muğla regions for 10 years. As of 2017, it continues to strengthen its presence in the sector with high quality and a wide variety of products. Our company, which has adopted the principle of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, is our primary goal to be a "SOLUTION PARTNER" that is always accessible everywhere, by producing engineering solutions with our expert consultants, providing maximum efficiency at minimum cost, and offering first-class logistics service and service network.


Fields of Activity

Fields of Activity

Fulyağ Petrol researches and presents performance products suitable for every sector in the field of industrial lubricants. We embrace our business with the pride of guiding a national accumulation in the improvements made in total cost calculations in the manufacturing sector.


We offer high performance products under high temperatures in industrial products.


You can find addinol automotive oils for all motor and commercial vehicles.

Mining & Energy

We offer products that provide high performance in energy generation and mining machinery.


We meet all your needs in textile oils specially designed for the textile industry.


Wide product portfolio to meet your needs in all areas of the food industry.

Defense Industry

We offer solutions in Nato approved gun oils and sprays.


It produces engineering solutions with its knowledge and experience in all industrial industrial facilities. As of 2017, the Fulyağ Oil Addinol Turkey Distributor Inc. Addinol products have strengthened their strength with the superior performance they have shown against their competitors. "ADDINOL TURKEY"

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Thanks to our expert staff in all lubricants, we offer you the most accurate products for the right oil usage and consumption and energy efficiency issues that your system needs, and follow up regularly. Thanks to laboratory analysis, we present you the life and condition of the oil you use.

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Technical Support

The technical field team regularly monitors the equipment of our customers and ensures the most efficient use of the products. In this way, we offer our customers the opportunity to work with maximum efficiency and trouble-free by publishing regular technical reports.

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Logistics & Stock

Turkey's four corners provide extensive logistics network, we provide the fastest way to answer our customers demand. Thanks to the regular stock of the products used by our customers, we supply products without interruption.

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Thanks to ADDINOL Oelcheck accredited and independent laboratory, we perform oil analysis in our customers' equipment at the right time and quickly. We publish the analysis results quickly to our customers. All analyzes of cooling liquids are made in our Izmir laboratory and reported to our customers.