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As Fulyağ Petrol, we support our customers in laboratory services, which are a necessity in terms of the benefits it provides in the mineral oil industry.

The samples taken at regular intervals during the weekly and monthly customer visits of our sales-marketing and technical support team are analyzed in our laboratory in accordance with international standards (ASTM, DIN, TSE) and are interpreted by our expert and experienced employees in the sector. The reports are shared with our customers, and if necessary, interventions are made by our team in line with the data.

Nowadays, the importance of mineral oil analysis is increasing considerably;

Equipment - extending tool life,
Detecting and preventing possible malfunctions, machine-equipment losses and oil-related losses that may cause production to stop,
Contributing to the improvement of company costs and environmental effects by preventing unnecessary oil changes and excessive consumption,
To provide technical information and convenience to the user by proportionally examining and recording the performance of the oil and the system, and reporting the historical data comparatively.

Analyzes Made in Our Laboratory and Its Importance


Low or high pH in coolants; Burning on the hands, bacteria, fungi, yeast growth in the system may cause negativity. The pH value, which should be between certain limits, is analyzed in our laboratory in accordance with the ASTM D 1287 method.

Foreign Oil

Other oils that get mixed into the system from slide oils or for any other reason are called foreign oil. If it exceeds 3% in the system; It prevents the oil from fulfilling its performance and causes its stability to deteriorate. It needs to be intervened.


Increased conductivity of emulsion; It may cause deterioration of stability, separation of some oil from the emulsion, saponification, as the emulsion circulates in the system, sticky residues remain in the machine parts and / or processed parts and corrosion. When the conductivity value exceeds the limits, it must be intervened immediately. ASTM D 1125 method is applied.

Bacteria, Fungi and Yeast

The unusual odor in the emulsion is caused by bacterial growth. Bacterial growth reduces the effect of rust preventive and emulsifier additives in the emulsion, leading to rust problems and cutting the emulsion. If there are bacteria in the emulsion, biocide should be added immediately. Continuous addition of biocides to the emulsion creates a suitable environment for fungal growth in the system. In cases where continuous addition is made, a protector should be used against fungal growth. Special kits are used for analysis in our laboratory.


Each coolant has an improved operating range, taking into account the process and material to be used. The concentration should be measured daily and the required oil or water addition should be made. Low concentration, corrosion in parts and benches; While it causes decrease in tool life and resistance against bacterial growth; High concentration causes irritation to hands and sticky residues on parts and worktops. Therefore, it is very important to keep it within the limits.


Among the reasons for corrosion, low concentration, presence of inorganic salts, high conductivity, high chloride content of the water used in emulsion preparation, bacterial growth and the completion of the effective life of the emulsion can be cited. Corrosion test is carried out in our laboratory in accordance with the DIN 51360/2 method.

Apart from our own laboratory services, we also work with private laboratories to provide objective data to our customers. Analyzes of Addinol group products, especially in gas engine oils, are carried out in Germany-based Oelcheck Laboratories. With the OELCHECK sets we provide specially to our customers, the samples taken in certain periods are delivered by UPS cargo, which we have contracted, and the analysis reports are sent to the company representative via e-mail in a short time such as 3 days, and at the same time, it is ensured that they can follow the status of the sample on the OELCHECK online system.