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Thanks to our expert staff in all lubricants, we offer you the most accurate products for the right oil usage and consumption and energy efficiency issues that your system needs, and follow up regularly. Thanks to laboratory analysis, we present you the life and condition of the oil you use.

Technical Support

The technical field team regularly monitors the equipment of our customers and ensures the most efficient use of the products. In this way, we offer our customers the opportunity to work with maximum efficiency and trouble-free by publishing regular technical reports.

Logistics & Stock

Turkey's four corners provide extensive logistics network, we provide the fastest way to answer our customers demand. Thanks to the regular stock of the products used by our customers, we supply products without interruption.


Thanks to ADDINOL Oelcheck accredited and independent laboratory, we perform oil analysis in our customers' equipment at the right time and quickly. We publish the analysis results quickly to our customers. All analyzes of cooling liquids are made in our Izmir laboratory and reported to our customers.